Summer School Registration Update

All Courses Are Now Online for Summer 2020

For 2020 Summer School, registration is now restricted to current Elk Island Public School Students ONLY. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Summer School registration is now closed except for CALM or PE from July 20- 31. 

Spots are still available in Work Experience/RAPP for July and August.


Ian Searle

Ian was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1981.

He has had an affinity for wine for many years but did not know much about it so in 2009, he signed up for ISG (International Sommelier Guild) courses and 2 ½ years later, earned his diploma as an ISG Certified Sommelier. In 2010, prior to getting his diploma, he opened  up a boutique wine store called Sublime Wines in Sherwood Park that served the region for 9 Years.

Apart from providing boutique type wines to customers, he was known for his wine and food pairing recommendations, in-store education and wine appreciation classes. He believes … “wine is not just a beverage. The potential for good wine starts with the right terroir, the right grape(s) and takes dedicated people who understand and work the land. In addition, their culture and history all play an integral role in producing something unique and special. The wine they produce ultimately tells us their compelling story”.

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