Summer School Credit

Off Campus Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

This program enables students to explore career opportunities in the trades. RAP courses allow students to:

  • begin their post-secondary education while still in high school
  • earn up to 40 credits (1,000 hours) towards a high school diploma or certificate of high school achievement
  • gain access to RAP which is only available through our partnership with Careers: the Next Generation
  • earn a $1,000 RAP scholarship, a great work reference and the potential for permanent employment

Summer School Off-Campus programs (Work Experience and RAP), run July and August.

There will be an online information session on Wednesday, June 7, for students and families.

For more information about this program, please contact Kristin Oleksyn at 780-417-8114 or Fred Rempel at 780-464-7127.

NOTE: Students must find their own employment or be currently employed.

Course Fee: $0.00

Prerequisites: Completed grade 9, minimum 15yrs or age or older, HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems

Selected Class

Tue Jul 4, 2023 to Fri Aug 25, 2023

Location: Off Campus

Class Code: SRAPP-04

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