Windows 10

It's time to master your computer! Gain hands-on experience with Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating system. Learn how to maximize the use of the start menu, taskbar, and windows. Practice setting up a system with folders for your photos and documents, moving, copying, and deleting files, and recovering deleted files. Take a tour of the settings and see the options for personalizing your computer and keeping your information private.

Course Fee: $59.00 + GST

"The instructor was very patient and kind. I learned a few points that will be very helpful to speed up my work - thank you!"

Student, Word 2013 Level 1 Accelerated

Selected Class

Tue Feb 18, 2020

Feb 18th 2020, 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Course Length: 3 hours

Location: Salisbury Composite High School

Instructed by: David Hay

Class Code: WIN10-12

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