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Looking for affordable learning that fits your schedule?

Next Step Continuing Education is pleased to partner with Ed2Go, an industry leader in online learning for adults, to bring you a wide variety of online courses and bundle programs in the areas of personal development, technology, arts and so much more.

Ed2go offers the convenience of two delivery formats - Instructor-Led Courses (majority of courses available online) and Self-Paced Tutorials (counterpart to many instructor-led courses). Students can select the the Self-Paced Tutorial in lieu of the instructor-led method and complete the course on their own schedule.

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Instructor-Led Courses vs Self-Paced Tutorials

These high-quality courses are taught by industry experts and are designed to quickly deliver specific skills and knowledge that help to advance personal or professional development. The online classroom is informative, convenient, and highly interactive. Content between both methods are the same but the new Self-Paced Tutorials offer greater flexibility to you.

Self-Paced Tutorial features:

  • 24/7 access
  • All classes start new every month
  • All content is available immediately
  • Students can work through content at their own speed
  • Course must be completed in three months
  • Discussion board not monitored by an instructor (used as a forum for students)
  • Certificate of completion

Instructor-Led Course features:

  • 24/7 access
  • All classes start new every month
  • Content is released one module at a time throughout the term
  • Course must be completed in six weeks
  • Discussion board monitored by an instructor
  • Certificate of completion 

For students who feel they do not need instructor guidance, the Self-paced Tutorial format is a great option as many students do not use the discussion area that is available for the standard Instructor-led Course format.  Many of the students feel the peer feedback is sufficient for them.

For students who prefer the reassurance of being able to reach out to an instructor with questions and concerns the stand alone Instructor-Led Course format may be a better option for you.

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