Summer School

Registration for summer school starts March 11, 2019.

Summer School is an opportunity for students to free up room in their timetables for other courses or to upgrade marks for post-secondary. Our high school credit courses are open to both high school and mature students.

Students entering Grade 10 in September 2019 are eligible to enroll in Physical Education (PE10), Career and Life Management (CALM) Extreme CALM/PE10, and Extreme CTS: Film Production

Bus service may be available this summer for those students requiring transportation from Fort Saskatchewan to Sherwood Park. Availability of bus service will depend on sufficient interest. Register for busing online. 

Class Locations

Classes are held in Sherwood Park. School location TBD.

Credit Course Fees

All activity fees and registration deposits are due at the time of registration. If you are not registering online, download a registration form. Next Step Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment or unexpected circumstances. A full refund will be issued if Next Step Continuing Education cancels the class. 

Refund Policies

For full details on our refund policy, please visit the Refund page.  

Lunch/Snack Breaks

Bring water, snacks and/or lunch as breaks will be provided throughout the day

Diploma Exams

Students registered in a summer diploma exam credit course through Next Step Continuing Education will write a diploma exam in August (location TBD). If this is not your first time writing a diploma exam for that diploma exam credit course, you are required to submit a Diploma Exam Rewrite form together with a $25 + GST rewrite fee directly to Alberta Education.

Visit the Alberta Education website for the complete diploma exam schedule and Diploma Exam Rewrite forms. 

Credit Schedule


Physical Education (PE 10)
Career and Life Management (CALM)
CALM Faith Based (first session only) 

1st Session
Location (TBD)
Dates (TBD) | 8:30 am - 2:05 pm 

2nd Session
Location (TBD)
Dates (TBD) | 8:30 am - 1:30 pm 


Extreme CTC: Film Production 

1st Session only
Location (TBD)
Dates (TBD) | 8:30 am - 2:05 pm 


English 20-1        Social Studies 20-1
English 20-2 Social Studies 20-2
English 30-1 Social Studies 30-1
English 30-2 Social Studies 30-2
Math 10-C Biology 20
Math 20-1 Biology 30
Math 20-2 Physics 20
Math 30-1 Physics 30
Math 30-2 Chemistry 20
Science 10 Chemistry 30
Science 30  

Location (TBD)
Dates (TBD) | 8:30 am - 1:00 pm 


This program provides activities that will enhance curriculum objectives for PE 10, CALM and CTS credits utilizing outdoor education as the medium for learning. Staying four nights at Strathcona Wilderness Centre (SWC) during the second week, students will participate in wilderness living skills, canoeing, orienteering, outdoor fitness activities and a variety of team building and leadership development activities. Don't miss out on this hands-on learning experience! 

1st Session 
Dates and location (TBD)

2nd Session 
Dates and location (TBD)

3rd Session 
Dates and location (TBD)

NOTE: For the SWC sessions, students are to be dropped off at SWC by 8:30 am on Monday and picked up from SWC at 3:00 pm on the Friday. 

Credit Course Fees

Credit Courses

Course Fee Notes
CALM $90 Activity fee: $10 
Registration deposit: $80 (refundable upon successful completion of course)
PE10 $110 Activity fee: $70 
Registration deposit: $40 (refundable upon successful completion of course) 
Extreme CTS: Film Production $120 Activity fee: $120
Extreme CALM/PE10 $549 Activity fee: $549
5 Credit Courses - Regular Student
 - born after Sept 1/98
$80 + $125 Registration deposit: $80 (refundable upon successful completion of course)
Textbook Rental: $125 (refundable after return of textbook in good condition)
5 Credit Courses - Mature Student
 - born on or before Sept 1/98
$580 + $125 Registration fee: $580 
Textbook Rental: $125 (refundable after return of text book in good condition).
Diploma Exam Rewrite $25 + GST Payable directly to Alberta Education (applies only if student has written diploma exam for course previously. 


Bus service may be available from Fort Saskatchewan to Sherwood Park from July 3 - 27 at a cost of $75 for two weeks or $150 for four weeks, plus GST, per student. Availability of bus service will depend on sufficient interest. Call 780-467-7292 for details.

Registration Information

Registration for summer school will open on March 11, 2019. You can register online or drop by our office located at 20 Festival Way, Sherwood Park (in Salisbury Composite High School - enter through Northeast doors).

Our office hours, up to and including June 30, are Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 7:30 pm and Friday 8:30 am - 3 pm. Our office hours for July and August will be posted on our website in June.

Registration for all credit courses are accepted by:

  • Online
  • In person 
  • Fax 780-449-3530 
  • Email
  • Mail to Next Step Continuing Education, 20 Festival Way, Sherwood Park, AB, T8L 0B4
    (Note: Canada Post does not delivery to the school after June 30 for the summer months)

If registering in person, by fax or Mail, please download and fill out a Summer School Registration Form.

NON-Elk Island Public School Students*

We require the following documents when registering for Summer School credit courses:

*NOTE: Non-EIPS students, if registering online we require additional documentation to complete your registration as noted above. Please complete and provide to our offices as soon as possible so that we may ensure your spot in the chosen class. Failure to provide the required documentation after initial registration will result in Next Step withdrawing said student from the class.


To register for a course please

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