Refund Policy and Withdrawals

End of Summer School Refunds

Refunds for Summer School will be processed during August and September for those students who are eligible. If you don't receive your refund by Sept. 29, 2023, email

All textbooks must be returned.

Summer School Credit Course Withdrawal Refunds

  • Withdrawals up to and including May 31:
    • 100% refund for registration deposits and activity fees.
  • Session 1 withdrawals from June 1 to June 25:
    • CALM - Activity fee non-refundable
    • PE 10 - Activity fee non-refundable
    • 5 Credit - 100% refund of registration deposit and textbook fee
  • Session 2 withdrawals up to July 12, full refund; after July 12, non-refundable:
    • CALM - Activity fee
    • PE 10 - Activity fee
  • Withdrawals June 29 and after:
    • All activity/registration fees non-refundable
    • Textbook rental deposit: $125 (refundable after return of textbook in good condition)

Credit Course Fees

All activity fees and registration deposits are due at the time of registration. Registrations can only be completed online. If you cannot complete the online registration process, please call our office at 780-467-7292. 

NSF Cheques

NSF cheques and credit card chargebacks are subject to an administration fee equal to current bank charges.


If a course does not meet the enrolment minimum and is cancelled by EIPS Summer School, every effort will be made to accommodate you in another course. If there is no other course which is satisfactory to you, you will receive a full refund. 

Summer School Busing

Busing is non-refundable after the following dates:

Session 1 - June 29, 2023
Session 2 - July 13, 2023
Full session - June 29, 2023


If your plans have changed and you need to withdraw from Summer School, submit your withdrawal request by email to:

You may want to review our refund policy on this page. If eligible, a refund will be processed.

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